Frequently Asked Questions - Artists

How do I get my art on the ArtForGood website:

Send an email to and include the following: Artwork, Title, Size, Medium, Price, and your location,

How does payment work?

Artist will be paid 15 calendar days after the courier has confirmed delivery of the artwork to the buyer.

What happens if I sell the painting privately from my studio that has also been listed on the website:

This is 100% fine, please just inform us as soon as possible so we can mark it as sold. We would however like to ask that if the lead came from our site that you please keep us involved and direct the transaction through the online store to the benefit of our cause.

Can I load a painting on your site and also on another?

Yes, absolutely. Please just keep us informed if it gets sold. 

Does ArtForGood get requests for prints?

All the time! Our prints sell quicker because the price is more accessible to the general public. 

Who will be responsible for the actual print should an order be placed?

Printing is usually the responsibility of the artist but we are also happy to alleviate this this administrative burden. In this case were ArtForGood is responsible for printing we would need to store the original artwork or digital file on site.

How do you ensure people do not copy images from your website to print themselves?

The quality of the images we upload are too low and will result in a very bad quality prints.

When and how would artists be made aware of any sales? 

Artists will be informed of a sale via email within 24hours of the order being placed on the platform.


How does delivery and postage work? 

Shipping automatically gets calculated on checkout once the buyer has provided their delivery address. We work only with reputable courier companies and deliver door-to-door within 5-10 days.